How to get free WiFi

Buy a Banana Pi R1 router, or any router that can run OpenWRT.

Assuming there’s a xfinitywifi network that you can see, connect OpenWRT to it, change the WiFi to client, create a new interface called “wifi_wan”, put the wifi_wan in the same zone as the other wans.

I’m not sure if you are supposed to use hotspots for your home connection. You also need somebody’s Comcast login. I used my own, it’ll be invalid if I cancel. Or will it? I get a 85% signal. Slightly slower then what I get. But free is free, and it’s over 10 Mbps.

If you are paranoid, buy two routers, then make the OpenWRT the modem, connect it to the WAN port of the other router. That could slow your internet down though.

I’d probably get banned from the hotspot for using over a hundred gigs of bandwidth a month.