How to download all MXE pre built tar files

wget -r --no-parent

Can I extract all of them with “tar xvf *.tar.xz”. Well you could make a script to extract each one.

I want to compile a 64bit version of Nestopia UE. Doing it in Windows requires more knowledge then I have. I already have knowledge of Linux.

Am I not supposed to download all of them? It just stopped. And it started back up.

for package in `ls | cut -f 1`; do
tar xfv $package -C /;

That’ll extract each file for you, place it in the folder with the tar files.

You have to extract the static build to the root file system. And that doesn’t work either. Don’t ask me how to use the tar.xz files, apparently you have to put them in the right spot. But their site doesn’t say where. Now I need to reset Ubuntu Bash in Windows.

Haha, you have to download the other stuff from “”.

Their site sucks, can’t download the files. I’ll try on VPS, then download from there.

Still doesn’t work. I’d have to put it in the right folder, it doesn’t do it when extracting.

I reinstalled Ubuntu. It’ll keep the home folder. Unless you tell it to delete it. Looking for something else, I don’t want to compile MXE. I’m to lazy to manually put the files where they go, also I deleted all the tar files.

MXE is the only option. Boohoo have to compile.