How hard is it to replace the power connector on a SNES?

I have basically no experience soldering. I did it wrong once. I don’t care if I fry the SNES, it’s already dead. I can get an entire new motherboard for 25 bucks on eBay. But the connector might need to be cleaned or replaced. I can clean and/or replace the connector on the SNES I have.

I’ll have to order it on the 1st. Don’t want under 20 bucks again. Have to buy a special screwdriver. I have a bit that might work, but I’d need my tools back, I can’t use it without the screwdriver part. The screwdriver I have isn’t fat enough to hold it. I’ll take my tools home tonight. Then I’ll open the SNES and see if it looks like anything is damaged, other then the power jack.

How much can I sell the SNES for after fixing it? I’ll need to buy more broken SNESes, and sell them too, after fixing them of course.

I’m sure Jason could do it. I don’t talk to him anymore though. I know another person that might know how to do it, but I probably will never speak to them again either.