Hopefully my Retrode 2 comes soon

Otherwise I won't be playing my Super Famicom games. The problem with buying the original system, is you have to mod it to play US games. The Retrode 2 works with both. You might be able to find an adapter.

They didn't give me a tracking number, you have to ask for that. I don't feel like emailing them and asking for it. Also they might not reply until GamesCom is over.

If the Super Boy SNES thing doesn't work with it, you can get a Gameboy adapter for around 20 bucks, it does all three Gameboy systems. I might buy it eventually, for Gameboy Advance games. But I might get the Nintendo 64 adapter first, once it's back in stock.

I just did the unrecommended and gave somebody positive feedback, I don't know if the game works yet, but I'll forget to give them feedback if I don't do it now. I did leave feedback right away for the first game, but it doesn't rattle.

Good luck finding an adapter. A clone system might be the best bet. Most if not all, have bad reviews.