Does the Retrode 2 work on the Wii?

I could search Google and find out. I think it basically shows up as a drive, so in theory, if the emulator supports USB drives, then it should work. Yes I could copy all the games to the external drive plugged into the Wii. But playing from the cartridge is more fun, especially on a Wii. If it works, I need to buy a SNES to Wii adapter. I could use my Gamecube controller, and I probably will. Until I want the original controller. Oh wait a second, the Retrode 2 has ports for controllers. That part may or may not work on the Wii though.

I’ll find out when/if the Retrode 2 comes.

The original Wii is the best Nintendo console, it’s super easy to hack. The Wii U is kind of good, since you can hack it now too. But it’s not worth 300 bucks. I’d pay $150-$200 for a new one.

If they drop the Wii U price, I’ll buy one. Assuming it’s 200 bucks or less for a new one. They could release one with a non screen controller.