7% off entire order on Retro Games Japan

That’s who my latest Japanese game came from. Except I bought it on eBay from them, not their site. Let’s see how much a Super Famicom is from them.

32 bucks for a console only. That’s cheaper then the clone system. Not after you buy a AC adapter though. Let’s see how much 7% off is. Around 30 bucks with 7% off.

Ten bucks for a AC adapter and AV cable, they don’t sell just the AC adapter. So another extra cable, I’ll be using a S-Video cable, assuming it works with the Super Famicom.

$39.04, that’s cheaper then the clone system, Amazon has tax. But the clone system is new, and I get it in two days.

I’ll probably get the clone system, I’ll cheat the tax system, by buying from a third party but fulfilled by Amazon. Still get fast shipping, just no tax.