Apparently $225 is to much for my Chromebook. They said you can get them used on Amazon for about the same. $250 is the lowest I saw. I lowered the price to $165, shipping is still $25.

There’s a refurbished for around $240.

Well, I’ll be in bed. Maybe it’ll be sold when I wake up.

That was fast. It sold, they haven’t paid yet though. I thought they did for some reason, guess I didn’t look very closely at my phone. And they just paid.

I wonder how much UPS is going to charge me.

Let’s see how much the fee is. Nineteen bucks.

The Honor 8 will only cost me around 90 bucks. I got more money then the calculator said. Do I have anything else to sell? The monitors would be a pain to sell.

I lied, I forgot to subtract the shipping, that might cost 35 bucks. I’ll have them package it. If they give me an estimate first, I might not. Just bubble wrap the shit out of it. It’ll cost around 20 bucks to ship, and at least 15 bucks for the box and bubble wrap.

Can’t sleep. Probably because of the crappy dinner I had.

You can’t hear yourself?

Sound pissed off because I called you. Looks like I don’t need a phone anymore. Take the Chromebook off eBay, nobody wants it anyways. I’m not walking to a UPS store to ship it.

Yelling at me when I call. Didn’t even say anything yet, and you are screaming at me.

Iris scanner?

The iPhone in 2017 might have an iris scanner. I’ll be using a Honor 8 most likely next year, and I will use it, till it dies. Fingerprint scanning is good enough for me.

What I really need is a penis print scanner. Whip my dick out in public to unlock my phone, and get arrested. For unlocking my phone.

Toshiba Chromebooks aren’t as popular as the Intel NUC?

Apparently not. Nobody has bought it yet. Maybe I should lower it to 200 bucks. The shipping will remain at $25.

The trackpad isn’t perfect, that could be a problem. I can’t remember exactly what it does, it doesn’t like to move or something. I haven’t used it lately.

Lowered it to $210. If it sells tonight, then I can ship it tomorrow. Otherwise, it’ll be Saturday.

Boohoo, nobody wants it. All because it has a crappy trackpad. I could give it away for a hundred bucks.

Sweet, I get 50 bucks off the Honor 8

Enter your email to get the code, you have until October 3rd to use it. That’s better then Amazon. You have to buy it from their site though.

Around 60 bucks is all I need from my check. If I sell my Moto X Pure Edition, I need 0 dollars of my check.

I could buy a refurbished Wii U instead, around 200 bucks. I’ll wait for the dumb controller Wii U.

It’ll probably be more then 60 bucks, I’m paying UPS to pack and ship it. I have no idea how much it costs, so I said 25 bucks for shipping. Probably be 35 bucks.

Wait for the MagSphere?

Or just take pictures of the Chromebook with my flash’s diffuser? I think I’ll just take the pictures without the MagSphere. It’ll sell sooner that way.

Random password is a good enough reason to sell it. The battery died from sitting on my couch.

Waiting for it to charge enough, so that I can unplug it and take pictures. eBay’s site is slow.

How much is my Chromebook worth?

It’s probably getting Android apps soon. I might use it if I can get Android apps on it. If I get a hundred bucks, I’d only have to spend 200 bucks or so to get a new phone. It might be worth more then a hundred bucks.

$250 used on Amazon. Only new ones on eBay.

Sell it for $230, with twenty dollar shipping.

Still waiting for my MagSphere to come. Should work better then the diffuser on my flash, assuming the grip fits my flash.

AV cable doesn’t make a difference

Most likely the pin connector. I did slightly damage it by trying to get it to work.

Not sure I needed the 20 dollar S-Video cable from Sweden. I didn’t see any noise in the picture, one game sort of works, until you click One Player. It looks slightly better then RCA.

Probably need an upscaler.