Maybe I should sell my N3DS

I don’t play it anymore. In fact, I don’t play anything. I just watch TV now. Sell the PS4 too. Then I can buy something that does Sling TV. Not the SHIELD, it has issues playing my videos using Kodi.

Or sell nothing, and buy a Roku Streaming Stick.

The Roku 3 or 4 is better. They have ethernet. The 2 does too, looks like that’s the best one. Cheap. I don’t like WiFi. Only my phone and Chromebook use WiFi.

That’s what I’ll buy on payday. No new video card for me. I like Roku’s interface better then Amazon. I could get a Amazon Fire Stick for free. But they said it was slow. The regular Fire TV is fine.

If Amazon puts the regular Fire TV on sale again, maybe I’ll buy it. I liked the one I had.