How to fix Sling TV on the Chromecast

If it isn’t working very well, the solution is easy, enable WMM on your router. Such as a black screen, getting an error saying the video isn’t available.

Also if the video quality constantly gets reduced, WMM should fix that too.

Does 5 GHz work now?

I lied, the quality still gets shitty occasionally.

Putting it back on the 5 GHz channel. Maybe that’ll stop it from getting shitty looking.

Oh it also fixed my Chromebook’s WiFi, it doesn’t have to reconnect when waking it up anymore. 28 Mbps on my Chromebook now. I lied again, it has to reconnect.

The damn thing won’t connect to the 5 GHz channel. Rebooted the router, still won’t connect. Connected to the 2.4 GHz channel. Doing a factory reset now.

Finally got connected to the 5 GHz channel on my Chromecast. A factory reset fixed it, you’ll have to connect to the 2.4 GHz channel first, then go in device settings.

And 5 GHz is faster. Like it should be. But the quality still gets shitty. Maybe Comcast is throttling it. The video gets shitty constantly, like on 2.4 GHz before enabling WMM.

Not completely fixed. At least not on 5 GHz. At least disconnecting and reconnecting works now.