Free Win Far Cry Primal PS4

After the Amazon giveaway goes live, I’ll post it here. That might not be until tomorrow.

If that doesn’t drive real traffic to this site, it’s hopeless.

If the site goes down, that means it worked. And I need better hosting. I’ll wait for it to fix itself.

You can enter the Amazon giveaway here. You must be 18 or older to enter.

Sucks you can’t embed it into your site.

Start: Jul 31, 2016 11:51 PM PDT
End: Aug 7, 2016 11:59 PM PDT

Amazon Giveaway Link

Free PS4 games

It ended, and nobody wanted it. Don’t expect any future giveaways.

Amazon doesn’t let you create a giveaway of gift cards

I was going to giveaway a twenty dollar gift card, to generate human traffic to this site. If that many bots are reading this site, people searching should find it. I was going to give a 3DS game away, but I’m cheap. 20 bucks is less money. If only one real person views this site, they get whatever I’m giving away.

What is that banging sound?

I need to move somewhere with less noise. There’s some banging sound, no idea where it’s coming from. Probably outside. I could open my window, and yell “shut the fuck up”. Or I could turn my music up and blast them out.

I won’t be making any money from this site, mostly bots, just like I thought. 200+ bot visits is useless.

Might be fireworks. Are the fireworks all day? Can’t remember if I heard it earlier.

Not buying a PS Vita

The homebrew hack says you have to have a certain firmware, nothing older, or newer. From the sound of it, Sony already patched it, so if the firmware is to old, and you update, you won’t get the right version. Unless there’s a way to manually upgrade to it.

Still not worth it. My N3DS is good enough.

255 bots

Only 39 unique visits today that aren’t bots, according to Piwik. Apparently they all disable JavaScript and images, as the only way to see that is by importing the log file.

Fair Share CPU

That’s what BuyVM says on the Dedicated KVM Slices page now. It said dedicated before. No point in getting it. You have to pay 15 bucks for one dedicated core. The 7 dollar plan includes half a core. With Fair Share.

I do need more RAM though. All the RAM is being used now. Putting the stats on it was a bad idea. Possibly expensive too.

There’s one bot that was trying to hack this site, to bad none of the files exist.

Fine, I’ll install PHP to my VPS

Importing NGINX’s log file takes to long to the shared hosting. If it’s faster on the VPS, I shouldn’t get suspended. If I switch to BuyVM, then one core is dedicated, so I can import all day long if I want. But I’m kind of lazy. I don’t want to resetup the VPS again. I could try rsyncing everything over, or almost everything. But I already paid for Secure Dragon.

PHP works. Still takes a long time to run Might be faster, but still slow.