How to improve your aim with the Steam Controller

Turn the in game sensitivity all the ways down, including the look smoothing in Doom.
Mess with the rotation setting in the Steam Controller settings.
Mess with the sensitivity in the Steam Controller settings. Make sure it’s set to Mouse.

The sensitivity isn’t hard to figure out, the rotation setting is more of a pain. The rotation is most likely different for everybody, so you’ll have to change it up and down until it works.

Also don’t give up, you’ll get better overtime.

How do I copy the rotation setting from Doom, to Borderlands The Pre-Sequel? Or is it different in each game? That’s a pain in the ass if it’s different in each game.

Doom is slightly easier now

Still suck at it with the Steam Controller. A joystick would of been easier. I do have a Xbox 360 controller and wireless thing. Not sure Doom will work with that controller though.