How to move your Origin games to a new drive

It's a slow & painful process. Go to the settings, change the location to the new drive. Exit Origin, then rename the original folder, just add old or something to it. Then open Origin, and download a game. After it starts downloading, exit, and then delete the game folder, and copy the game from the old folder to it.

You have to do that manually for each game.

Steam is way better, you just copy the Steam folder to a new drive, and open Steam on the new drive. EA doesn't know how to do anything right. I should play Battlefield 4 now though. I only had three games installed in Origin. I probably won't buy anymore Origin games. Maybe Battlefield 1. Guess it doesn't matter now that I'm done moving them.

If you don't want to do that, you can redownload the games to the new location.