How to get a Canon laser printer to work with Windows 10

Windows 10 is a pain.

Turn the printer off, no need to unplug it. Uninstall the driver.

Reinstall the driver, don’t turn the printer on until it tells you to.

After it’s done installing, turn the printer off, and click restart.

When Windows boots up, turn the printer on, and it should work.

Maybe I should sell my N3DS

Haven’t played it since I got Battleborn. Could use the money to buy a new phone. How much is it and all the games worth? I haven’t even played one of the games yet. The one my mom bought me.

How to move your Origin games to a new drive

It’s a slow & painful process. Go to the settings, change the location to the new drive. Exit Origin, then rename the original folder, just add old or something to it. Then open Origin, and download a game. After it starts downloading, exit, and then delete the game folder, and copy the game from the old folder to it.

You have to do that manually for each game.

Steam is way better, you just copy the Steam folder to a new drive, and open Steam on the new drive. EA doesn’t know how to do anything right. I should play Battlefield 4 now though. I only had three games installed in Origin. I probably won’t buy anymore Origin games. Maybe Battlefield 1. Guess it doesn’t matter now that I’m done moving them.

If you don’t want to do that, you can redownload the games to the new location.

Better update N3DS

A blue light keeps coming on. Not the power one. Don’t know if rxtools works with it though. Didn’t want to reboot after updating. Also didn’t take very long to update.

Now the fun part, trying to boot rxtools. It likes freezing before getting to the boot menu. That’s why I leave it on in sleep mode. So I don’t have to try 20+ times to get it to boot.

I should of backed up the EMUNAND before doing it. Might lose my saves if it doesn’t work.

I don’t know if it was trying to reboot or if it was still updating. Said it was going to reboot.

And it looks like it works.

How to fix blue screens on an ASRock Z170A-X1/3.1

Go into the bios, and make sure the timings for your RAM is correct. It’s in advance in the OC menu. After you correct it, save the changes.

Then update the bios, and it should work.

Why does it only have one review on Newegg? Best motherboard I have ever bought.

Updating the bios changed the timings back to auto. So it looks like you just need to update the bios.

How to use a manual Canon FD zoom lens on a micro 4/3 camera

Buy an adapter, any adapter will work, I wouldn’t recommend a speed booster, that’ll cost four hundred bucks, and you have to buy it directly from Metabones, they ship it from Hong Kong.

Turn off the image stabilization on your camera. Put the camera on a tripod. If you don’t want to use a tripod, you should probably buy a micro 4/3 zoom lens, otherwise every time you zoom, you have to change the focal length on the camera. So you’ll need to know what the focal length is when zoomed in. Easy if you are zoomed in all the way, not so easy if you aren’t.

I should of bought the Olympus zoom lens when it was a hundred bucks, it’s $150 now.

How to break Ubuntu

Select the third option in additional drivers for the video card. There’s nothing on her monitor now. Might be better off reinstalling. Or updating using a thumb drive.

I think she also said it got cancelled or something when updating it once.

Didn’t need to burn Ubuntu to a DVD, her drive won’t open. I don’t have any spare thumb drives.

She can have my Kingston SSD. Mom bought a bunch, she was going to give everyone one. If I need it, I’ll get another one at her house, she didn’t give everyone one.