You can stream your N3DS game play to a PC

Using NTR CFW. It doesn’t support demos though. Says you have to use official gamecards. I’d have to copy my save file to a gamecard then. Also I prefer to keep my gamecards in mint condition. Can you run rxTools inside NTR? Probably not.

Running NTR from rxTools might actually work. I’m just to lazy to try. Also it’s a preview release. I’ll wait for the stable release.

Well, I have nothing better to do. Should I backup my emuNAND first?

Nice, it appears to work with rxTools. Streaming works. Not perfect. Doesn’t appear to have sound either.

If you put the N3DS to sleep, it won’t wake up, hold the power button to force it off. How do you disable debugging? The menu just says enable, even when it is enabled.

The performance isn’t very good. Maybe if you change the CPU clock. But I’m to paranoid to run it at the highest setting.

Changing the WiFi channel, to see if that improves it. Looks like channel 6 is the best. It was on channel six, didn’t need to change it.