How to setup your new replacement Black Wireless SIM card

They never gave me instructions. I logged into their site, clicked recharge, and there’s an option to recharge with the new SIM card. You get ten bucks off too. So I got the 20 dollar pay as you go plan for ten bucks. Says it takes up to three hours, once your service stops working, you put the new SIM card in.

The new SIM card doesn’t have a phone number on it, I entered the number on the other SIM card.

*Please note once you complete your SIM swap and recharge, your previous balance will be forfeited and your updated expiration will be 30 (thirty) days from current replenishment date.

Not almost thirty bucks, just twenty. The same as if I used the old SIM card. Why thirty days for expiration? It should be 90 days. That means I have to pay another ten bucks in thirty days.