3DS USB cable + Samsung tablet charger works

My cheap 3DS USB cable from eBay works with the N3DS. It’s charging. Selling my 2DS, it came with a charger, so I’m selling the charger with it. The USB cable isn’t as long as the cable on the AC adapter. Which kind of sucks. Had to move the 3DS.

I put it on top of my router. Don’t think the router case gets hot.

Apache blank directory?

The fix is simple, there might be a virtual host named stats or whatever. Change the name of the directory, and it’ll work. Unless the permissions are wrong, in that case chmod everything.

Good job DreamHost at taking over seven hours to respond. I withdrew the support ticket. They never replied.

How to setup your new replacement Black Wireless SIM card

They never gave me instructions. I logged into their site, clicked recharge, and there’s an option to recharge with the new SIM card. You get ten bucks off too. So I got the 20 dollar pay as you go plan for ten bucks. Says it takes up to three hours, once your service stops working, you put the new SIM card in.

The new SIM card doesn’t have a phone number on it, I entered the number on the other SIM card.

*Please note once you complete your SIM swap and recharge, your previous balance will be forfeited and your updated expiration will be 30 (thirty) days from current replenishment date.

Not almost thirty bucks, just twenty. The same as if I used the old SIM card. Why thirty days for expiration? It should be 90 days. That means I have to pay another ten bucks in thirty days.

How to reduce PlayOn’s CPU usage

Open settings, click stop, then hold ctrl while clicking start. PlayOn probably won’t work yet. Reboot and it should be back to normal. Don’t ask me what holding ctrl down does, that’s what support said to do. They didn’t say reboot though. I rebooted cause I forcefully installed a driver.

That book is funny

Oh wait, it’s a video game. Stella Glow. Might need to shit soon. Tonka already did that. I took a small one a while ago.

You know who Mr. X is in Stella Glow? He has blonde hair. At first I thought he was a bad guy. It’s been so long that I played, I forgot their name.

Maybe I should sell my N3DS

The used ones are $180 on Amazon. Apparently they think it’s made out of gold. You can get a new one for $175 or $180 sometimes. I paid $137.62 for a used one on Amazon. I’ll just keep it. I can play legal demos on it. Full game demos.

Sell my old camera. If I get enough, I can buy a bike on the 1st. I mean the 29th, the 1st is Sunday.

How to fix Samba in openSUSE after updating it

Go into the YaST software management, search for samba, then right click and select update, select the first solution. Then click ok, and it should uninstall some stuff, and install some stuff. Then it should work, you can run “sudo systemctl smb start”, if you get no error, it should work.

Searching for the errors on Google is useless, a different search engine might work. I guess nobody has any problems with samba in openSUSE after updating it.

Amazon thinks the N3DS is made out of gold

A used like new one will cost you $185.39 from Amazon Warehouse Deals. I paid $137.62 for a used very good one. I think the like new ones were around $140 when I bought mine. That’s a big price increase, good thing I bought it when I did. Otherwise, I’d be better off buying a new one from somewhere else.