Will you get banned if you play your own backups online?

Maybe not. There’s a way to play demos online too, you have to buy a game by various publishers or something, then you have to inject your header into the demos.

Don’t decrypt games on your 2DS. No way to cancel it, and it takes a long time. I forced my 2DS off. No corruption from doing that either. I already copied the 3DS to my computer.

Installing the CIA file. Want to see if my own dump works. Also want to see if it backed the save up. I have a thing that’ll let me back the save up though. Takes a long time to install CIA files. If I wasn’t cheap, I’d buy a Gateway 3DS. Cheaper then the Sky3DS+, I’d have to most likely downgrade the firmware on the used New 3DS I have that’s coming, the previous owner most likely updated it.

Might need another hard drive eventually. I don’t like deleting anything. CIA files are only using 8 GB so far. I have one other game I can dump. No point in dumping the Zelda Ocarina Of Time, or maybe there is. I’ll have another game to dump tomorrow. That’s right, I can delete that CIA. I downloaded the demo before it came out. I’ll have my own copy tomorrow.

The dump appears to work. Save file wasn’t dumped with it. Or if it was it got lost when converting the 3DS. Now to see if the save thing works.

Yup the save thing works, hold R while you click A.

I drained the battery, had to plug it in.