When will rxTools support 10.7?

Don't know how to manually update to 10.5. I just realized what the emuNAND is, it's on the SD card. So messing it up doesn't matter. How did I run the updater last time? From rxMode or from the regular home screen?

What happens if I put Code Name S.T.E.A.M in and let it update? Will my sysNAND stay on 9.2, but my emuNAND will upgrade? If so, that's sweet. I'll keep my sysNAND on 9.2 forever.

Still installing a game with FBI. Like NASA, except open source, and works with rxTools. NASA freezes, I tried both exploits.

I just searched Google. And it looks like 10.7 does indeed work. I'll update after it's done installing something. And after I try and see if the game works.

Another reason to keep sysNAND at 9.2, is menuhax works with it. If you update to 10.7, you have to use Zelda to launch the homebrew launcher. Rather turn it off, hold L and turn it back on. I can also play Zelda if I want, since I don't have to have the hack save file on it.