What do you need a Sky3DS+ for?

You might be able to play borrowed games with rxTools. You just need the internet, Zelda, and the Powersaves thing. Downgrade your 2DS or 3DS firmware, and then try to figure out how to get rxTools on it. The pdf in the beta isn’t very helpful, the file they tell you to run doesn’t exist, there’s a similar file, but it doesn’t work.

Going to switch over to NUC, python is easier to use in Linux.

Way to complicated. You need a hex editor. Also that guide might of been for the New 3DS.

Found another guide. Might be easy for the old 3DS/2DS.

It’s backing up the sysNAND now. Is it frozen? Maybe I should use my SanDisk SD card. It froze the first time I tried opening it. Yup it was frozen. Going to copy everything to my computer, then to the other SD card. How big is the NAND file supposed to be? Around 200 KB. Either doesn’t like Samsung cards, or fast ones.

Samsung SD card might be fine. Takes a long time on the other card too. Clicking B to cancel doesn’t work on the SanDisk card either. No point in using it then.

Pretty sure it’s freezing. Comment says to try a different build. The rar file on their releases page isn’t beta 2, download the zip instead. Maybe not different. Yup it might work now. One of the progress boxes filled up, two now.

Why did I just update like it said? It’s most likely going to update to the latest version. But it said to update like you normally do. I’ll probably have to downgrade again. What a pain in the ass.

Yup I’m an idiot, I followed the instructions to update, and now I have to downgrade.

Not enough time to downgrade right now. Oh well. Maybe later, or tomorrow.