The Legend of Legacy – Nintendo 3DS

25 bucks on eBay. Four watchers though. I wouldn’t buy it till the 1st. It’ll most likely be sold by the 1st. Gamestop wants 40 bucks. It says it’s new on eBay. Can I get a used one for 15 bucks? Then I might buy it now.

The used one costs more. You can get the used Japanese one for around 60 bucks used. I can play it most likely. The homebrew launcher has a region free thing, and rxTools might allow me to play it too. If not, there’s probably a way to dump it, and modify it, so it’ll play. Oh wait, there’s another homebrew app, HANS or something, it’ll back the game up, and then you can modify it. Also it takes all day for HANS to back it up.

There’s a tutorial on Reddit for dumping 3DS games. I should dump all my games, down the toilet.

MEGA doesn’t delete 3DS related stuff? Must be legal then. The Decrypt9 folder is empty. But there’s a bin in the other folder. You can also use rxTools to generate the xorpad or whatever files.

Is it illegal to back your games up and then sell them? Probably. Guess I’ll have a large collection of 3DS games. After I beat the game, can I sell it, but not delete it? I’ll say I forgot I backed it up.

Converting 3DS to CIA isn’t hard. Just use the Simple CIA Converter. Read the readme, then you’ll figure out how to use it. Different games require different xorpads. So you might have a huge collection of xorpads.