No more rxTools for me

Black screen. The last attempt at making it work, I updated to the latest firmware, then downgraded to 10.5. And it still gets a black screen. 9.2 does the same thing now too.

One last attempt, downgrading it to 9.2 again. I also used the emuNANDTool on the SD card. If I’m lucky, rxTools will work in 9.2 again.

If not, one of my games might have a newer firmware on it. Doubt that’ll work, I already tried updating to the latest firmware.

Nope rxTools is dead.

How do I make a new NAND backup when rxTools gives me a black screen? Apparently the keys change if you format it.

Updating to whatever version is on Code Name S.T.E.A.M.

How do you unbrick the 2DS? Black screen.

Oh, my mistake, looks like you have to hold L, R, A, and up on the d-pad as you turn it on.

That might be the solution. Updating now. Yup it works again.

sysUpdater crapped out, but says 10.5 in settings.

Still black screen when opening rxTools. Anyone know how to get a screen?

I give up. Updating to the latest firmware. Won’t bother trying to get rxTools to work, it doesn’t work anymore. Format the SD card and put the homebrew on it, emulators and stuff that doesn’t work that good.