Nintendo Selects: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D

Got the game today. Walmart had two copies left. Should of bought both, and sold one online for $27.99. Not that big of a profit though, I paid around 20 bucks after tax.

Guess I should make sure the game works. I will be playing it, but also will use it to install homebrew. I could actually install the homebrew before I get the Powersaves thing, I have a DS flashcart. There’s an app that can read and write DS + 3DS game saves.

I might be addicted to the game soon, and forget why I ordered the Powersaves thing. Why do they insist on making video games with better graphics? Nintendo 64 video quality is all I need. Just don’t put a high resolution screen on the 2DS, and you’ll be in heaven.