menuhax killed itself

Won’t load the homebrew launcher anymore. Guess I’ll try from Zelda.

Reinstalled, works again.

What did Nintendo do to the N3DS? Can’t get rxTools to open. Maybe my 64 GB micro SD card is to big. It came with a 4 GB micro SD card, that’s not big enough.

Going to install the CTR Boot Manager. I might need to change the menuhax settings.

CTR Boot Manager is less reliable then booting the homebrew launcher directly. Second try and it failed to boot again. Nintendo must of done something to the N3DS to make homebrew not work very well.

Sweet it worked, and rxTools worked too. Doesn’t work anymore. White screen on the bottom, and fuzzy on the top.

Reinstalling menuhax yet again. Nope, it’s broken. Guess I have to use Zelda. Let’s see if rxTools will boot from Zelda.