Will that work on a 2DS with a R4i card or whatever it's called. Their site says R4, so it should. Then I don't have to pay for the New 3DS and buy the SNES games from Nintendo. Might use my 2DS, if I can play SNES games on it. I legally paid for six months worth of ROMS.

That sucks, you have to rename the ROM to "rom.smc". So you can only play one ROM, then you have to take the micro SD card out, and rename a different ROM. Why can't it list files in the snes folder? Says it works with the 3DS. So it should work.

And it most likely won't work. Just click support on their site, and you'll see why. And the support page is outdated. Go to their GitHub page.

Yup the site is outdated, you can place all your ROMS in the snes folders. So you don't have to rename or any crap like that.

Doesn't appear to work. Or it's super slow. That was Super Punch Out. Earthworm Jim doesn't work either.

None of the three games I tried work. Don't feel like downloading anymore. I'll look for a different emulator.

SNEmulDS it hasn't been updated since 2008. Let's see if it works.