Doesn’t work on the 2DS. But I just noticed, the ROMS I downloaded are .md, don’t think that’s Genesis.

Maybe PicoDriveDS will work.

What extension is it looking for? The ROMS don’t show up. I extracted them, doubt it can read 7z or rar.

Ahh, it’s looking for .bin.

jEnesisDS works on the 2DS, just change the extension of the ROMs to .bin. And it supports Streets of Rage 3. The site I downloaded from says ROMs bigger then 3 MB don’t work. Streets of Rage is around 3 MB. Maybe 3 MB is the max. I read it wrong.

Well I love my 2DS now. I could use my tablet, but I don’t have an extra SHIELD controller. Don’t want to try and figure out how to sync my controller to my tablet. And then sync it back to the SHIELD TV.

PicoDriveDS sucks, no sound, and in slow motion. They should release the source code, so somebody can make it better. jEnesisDS doesn’t scale the screen, so you have to use the trigger buttons to move left and right. Doesn’t bother me that much. Will the 3DS get homebrew? Cause then I will buy a Sky3DS+.

Downloading RetroArch to see what the file is. In the 7z file. All .3ds files. I should buy the Sky3DS+.

Damn it, why did I buy a hard drive and fan and a game? Yes I have enough money. But I want to save as much money as possible.

Maybe I’ll buy another SHIELD controller. And use my tablet. My tablet will run emulators better then my 2DS. But I do like everything on one device, the screen, buttons. The games actually run good enough in DS mode. Buying the Sky3DS+ is tricky, it’ll most likely come from Asia. So it’ll probably require a signature. If it comes by USPS, they might not deliver it to the office, so you have to go to the post office to get it. Big hassle. Takes a long time too.

I still have a Moga Pro controller. I should charge it up, and use it on my phone or tablet. Problem solved.