Installing CIA files to the N3DS doesn't work

rxTools appears to work, it boots emuNAND. Installing FBI gets an error, I can’t inject it, Decrypt9 can’t read the emuNAND or something. Says the emuNAND is unavailable.

I downgraded to 9.2. Maybe I need to downgrade again. I did format the sysNAND.

Looks like NASA is for 9.3 and higher. I wanted to install the CIA stuff before upgrading emuNAND. NASA won’t work in emuNAND, asks which exploit to use, both hang. Is there a NASA without an exploit?

Looks like you have to install FBI to sysNAND, and then recreate the emuNAND. Pretty sure I get an error in sysNAND too, using Pasta or whatever in advance in rxTools.

Nice, you have to install FBI or NASA or whatever when sysNAND is still linked to the emuNAND. I’ll try updating the emuNAND first, then I’ll make a new NAND backup and write it to the SD card. After I back the SD card up again.

NASA still doesn’t work in emuNAND. I’ll try FBI, then I’ll give up and make a new NAND backup.

Backing up NAND. I think I’ll use the inject method to get FBI. If I read that forum post correctly, injecting the sysNAND will show up in the emuNAND when linked.

The health app opens the regular app, not the injection in emuNAND. FBI still doesn’t work from Zelda. Oh, it doesn’t work, cause you have to backup the NAND after you inject it, not backup first and then inject. Try NASA one more time.

Haha, I’m an idiot. Backing up the NAND yet again. If I knew how to read, I wouldn’t have to back it up again. Takes a long time too.

Hangs when opening the health app. Just says Nintendo 3DS on the top. And Nintendo on the bottom.

Same thing in Pasta mode on the sysNAND. Are you supposed to use the with banner, or the without banner injection file?