I downgraded my N3DS and it didn't break

No NAND backup either, rxTools got a black screen. I must be one lucky bastard. It was on 10.5.

And that's why I didn't put the back on yet. Black screen on the bottom screen when launching rxTools. There's an image on the top. Trying the build from the rar file now, maybe the zip is for the O3DS and the rar is for the N3DS.

Nope, both screens are black with the rar build.

The build in the rar file might work, shut it down, and tried again. Both screens have something now. Except it might be frozen, just says please stand by.

Homebrew on the N3DS sucks. Might be better to use the other firmware. But I already know how to use rxTools.

Black screen every time now. Maybe the cetk is a bad idea. Deleted it.

It finally worked. Is there a time limit to open rxTools or something? From the homebrew launcher? Backing up NAND now. Is it frozen or just really slow? Frozen.

Anyone know why I can't backup the NAND? Maybe I need to try the zip build again. The build in the zip file finally opened. Ahh looks like backing the NAND up works now, sweet. Maybe it was working before, just didn't wait long enough for progress. Very slow.