Hyrule Warriors: Legends - Nintendo 3DS

Just got the game. The night manager brought it up. Dumping it now, then I'll convert it, then I'll install the CIA. It would be faster to play the game without doing all that though.

Got to backup all my games, in case Jeff's son robs me again. At least I'll have my games. Did somebody steal his MacBook? Hopefully karma bit him in the ass. It would be funny if they stole his MacBook. I'll never get the stuff stolen from me back, or any money.

Can I update the game after I install it? It is my own backup. I didn't login with my Nintendo ID, they could ban my IP though.

I don't share my backups, that's a good way to get bareback in prison.

Did it freeze backing up? No, just slow.

It's installing. How long will it take? The CIA file is 2 GB or so. When you dump it, you'll get two 3dx files. 3d0 and 3d1. You can combine them with "copy /b file.3d0 + file.3d1 file.3dz", in a command prompt. I found a bat file, that I slightly modified. Didn't use it yet, it'll come in handy in the future when I dump another game.


Echo off
copy /b "%1" + "%2" "%3"

Open a command prompt in the directory and run "join file.3d0 file.3d1 file.3ds".

It finished installing. It's updating now. That might break it though. Didn't try opening it before updating. I still have the CIA file, so I can reinstall it.

Sweet, it works with the update. I love Nintendo. No you can't have or borrow the cartridge. Got to keep it forever.