Hyrule Warriors: Legends input lag on the 2DS

The 2DS has input lag. It's still playable. If you can't afford a used New 3DS, then a 2DS will work. I'll know on Monday how well it runs on the New 3DS. If you want a used one, you have to constantly check Amazon. I paid $124.21 on Amazon for it, I had a gift card, $137.62 before tax.

Condition: Used - Very Good - Downloadable content (DLC) or codes for online play may require additional purchase. Item is in original packaging, but packaging has damage. Small (less than 1/4" x 1/4") cosmetic imperfection on front of item. Small (less than 1/4" x 1/4") cosmetic imperfection on top of item. Small scratches on sides of item (up to 1/2 in.). Small scratches on back of item (up to 1/2 in.).

That's the condition of the one I bought. Didn't read that before ordering. Just read it now. Didn't know the invoice said the condition. As long as the screen is good, I don't care.

Hyrule Warriors: Legends is a bad ass game, glad I bought it. Maybe somebody will make a hack for the old 3DS, that'll lower the video quality, so it'll run better. That'll be nice when I brick my used New 3DS trying to downgrade it or run rxTools.

How do you hack a game to change the resolution? That might improve it on the 2DS.

Port the game to the PS4 and I'll buy it again.

If you download the update, and hold A + B + X + Y when starting it, it'll delete all the save data. Nintendo says you can't recover it. Sure you can, if you can run homebrew. Once my New 3DS comes, I'll be backing all the saves up to my SD card. I might have to reinstall the games, and then I'll probably have to restore the saves.