How to manually upgrade OpenWRT on the Banana Pi R1

Probably not the recommended way, I also forget to make a dd image of my micro SD card.

Download openwrt-V1.2.1-stable-sunxi-Lamobo_R1-sdcard-vfat-sysupgrade-ext4.img.gz and make a backup of your OpenWRT from the web interface.

Turn the Banana Pi R1 off, you can either unplug it, or ssh and type “poweroff”. I did poweroff myself.

Extract the gz file.

Mount the img file, in OpenSUSE, you just right click and select open with the image mounter. It’s probably more complicated if you use a terminal, there’s two partitions, and I’m to lazy to look up how to mount it from a terminal. OpenSUSE will mount both partitions for you.

Open a terminal and cd into the 64 MB Hard Drive mount, if using KDE, you can right click the folder name at the top, and click copy.

Run “cp -R * /path/to/microsd”. You can get the micro SD path the same way.

After you are done unmount everything and put the card back into the Banana Pi R1. You’ll need to set a password, when you copied the files, you overwrote the password. Restore your backup and you should be good to go.

I was on version 1.0 of, so the web updater was disabled. Looks like it’s enabled now. So if you aren’t on a completely outdated version, you shouldn’t need to do any of this. Probably best to reflash the full image. And then restore the backup.

My router was on for 70+ days. Not anymore. Damn update.