Finally got FBI installed somewhere

Make a backup of your NAND, don’t format the sysNAND yet. Use an emuNAND tool to format the emuNAND partition on your SD card with the new backup. After that open rxTools, hold L to get to the menu. Click advanced, click Pasta. Boot Zelda or whatever method to get to the homebrew launcher. Select FBI, and install the FBI CIA. Should show up in emuNAND too. You can probably format the sysNAND now.

Why do I have version .15 installed? I thought .17 was the newest. Better download it and install the newer version.

Injecting didn’t work for me, it just hangs. Now I have a useless Health app. Updating the emuNAND might get a working one.

Nintendo made me mad, by making it so difficult. Funny though, the instructions to install to the sysNAND only works if they are linked. Not sure I want to buy anymore 3DS games. I’ll just download legal demos instead.

sysNAND is formatting. I screwed the back back on. And the back clicks if you touch it in the right spot.

Also FBI is gone. Should of made another NAND backup. Now I have to do it again.

I lied, FBI works without being linked. Now I need to backup the NAND yet again. How many times will that be?

Finally will have a backup with FBI installed. Then I can install the rest of the CIAs, then go to bed. Should be done in the morning.

Hmm if I removed the SD card, it might not of been deleted. I’ll format my N3DS while formatting the emuNAND. The SD card won’t be present.

Health app is gone. How do I get it back? Will the old dump of it work? Old dump worked.

Just updated the emuNAND. Yup FBI is still installed, sweet.

All my CIAs are installing, I can go to bed now. I’ll leave it plugged in, so it doesn’t die.

I’ll need to use the included FTP server, so I can hopefully delete the CIAs, FBI fails at deleting, it might of successfully deleted the FBI.cia, but nothing else.

How long does it take to transfer a 1 GB+ file to the N3DS over WiFi? Cause removing the back is a pain. Also might of lost one of the weird nuts. Not sure if it stayed on when trying to put the tiny screw in. I’m guessing Japanese people have tiny hands. I mean tiny fingers.