Don't try updating your 3DS firmware with FBI

It’ll most likely get an error. Looks like the homebrew channel still opens. Using sysUpdater now, the new version that works better. Don’t know if the home screen works. Probably not. Might need a newer firmware to play certain games.

Nice, 3DS still works, and it’s updated. Damn menuhax doesn’t work anymore. Updated to 10.5. And look at that, menuhax works again. I had to reinstall it for the new firmware.

rxTools is broken. Black screen. Might have to wipe SD card and start over.

Maybe resetting my 2DS will fix it. I updated with the full file, didn’t see an update file.

It’s formatting.

Nope. Formatted the SD card. Maybe that’ll fix it. Black screen still. But rxTools doesn’t usually work from the Zelda hack. Menuhax got an error.

Got menuhax installed again. Had to go to themes on the home screen.

rxTools doesn’t work with Or whatever the version is? Says the beta works with 10.5.

Looks like I’ll have to try a different build, like the rar file that isn’t the same.

Downgrading to 9.2. If rxTools still doesn’t work, no more borrowed games for me. Nope rxTools no longer works. Just a black screen.

One last idea. Upgrade to the latest firmware from settings, then downgrade to 10.5. Maybe it’ll erase whatever rxTools did.