Cubic Ninja

Can I buy it from the eShop? Got to update my 2DS to find out. If not, then it’s cheaper to buy a Sky3DS+. The game costs over a hundred bucks if you can buy it.

Can’t buy it. That sucks. Can I buy The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D? Need to look at the instructions. If you buy the cartridge, you can use Action replay or whatever it’s called.

Anyone know how to run the sploit installer? You need the cartridge version. Of course Amazon doesn’t sell it. So I can’t use my gift card as usual.

Getting pissed off. The instructions don’t provide links to the powersave files. They just say there’s a directory, that doesn’t exist. Maybe I’ll smash my 2DS instead.

Shouldn’t of upgraded it. No good instructions, like where the powersave folder is. Won’t buy anything. Not watching YouTube videos.

I might of finally found the save files. 10.6 will work on the latest firmware.

The powersave thing has been ordered. Don’t know if it’ll work though. Either have to pay more for the game, 25 or so bucks instead of 20. Or go to Walmart or Gamestop. I’ll just go to Walmart.