Amazon does have the New 3DS

I might buy it soon. It’ll be in stock on the 22nd.

How much money will that leave in my piggy bank? I need to buy some non food stuff. Damn. Might have to wait till payday.

You can find it here. I need a Sky3DS+ too though. And another micro SD card.

Yes I’ll upgrade to play one game. Also like the folding better. I could sell my 2DS. Don’t really want to sell my R4 flashcart though.

Over a hundred dollars in the bank if I buy it. That’s probably enough. I’d probably turn the 3D off. Not sure my eyes like it. Buy it for the faster processor. Not 3D. If they made a New 2DS, I’d buy it.

I’ll buy it, and probably cancel it before they charge me. Maybe they’ll surprise me and ship it Monday. Amazon has a locker at Huppins. Not sure how that works. They should ship it USPS. But it’ll probably be FedEx. If I used the locker, it wouldn’t matter.

I’ll wait to buy it till tomorrow. Want to see if anyone wants to buy my 2DS. Only problem is, the New 3DS doesn’t come with a charger. So if I give the charger away, I won’t have an official charger. I do have a USB cable, so I could charge it with a wallwart with a USB port.

Amazon will only give me around 30 bucks for my 2DS. Probably get 50 bucks from somebody else.

Trade my NVIDIA SHIELD console in, that’ll give me around a hundred bucks.

Buying the Sky3DS+ is cheaper then buying the New 3DS. But I can’t use my gift card. No way for me to download 3DS games, well I could use Bittorrent. But then Nintendo can see my IP downloading it.

Says temporally out of stock now. Should order it before Amazon disappears from the buying option. To late. Should of ordered it when it had a date of being in stock. Now it won’t let me order it. Boohoo.

Amazon is no longer listed as a seller of it.