3DS 10.6 PowerSaves for oot3dhax

I uploaded it in a 7z file here. 7zip is needed to open it. Maybe I’ll get a take down notice, for hosting a save file with an exploit. I think I’ll go to court over it. Just to waste their money.

Link to file here.

It has a save for the New and Old 3DS.

The file category is called “saveimages_powersaves”, so when you search Google for that, you should find it.

Won’t know if it works until Tuesday. I did buy the Action Replay PowerSaves Pro – Nintendo 3DS on Amazon.

Hopefully it works, then I don’t need a Sky3DS+, I buy my 3DS games.

Might not of needed the PowerSaves thing. I have a DS flashcart, there’s a homebrew app that can read and write DS or 3DS save files. It works over WiFi, I’m guessing it loads into RAM, then you insert the game you want to read or write to. PowerSaves is easier, you use your computer. Not both. Also it has cheats, maybe I can beat Code Name S.T.E.A.M now.