2DS successfully downgraded

I found newer instructions here. I used the Zelda game. I used the Powersaves thing to get the save file on it.

I was on firmware 10.7. Yup says the old version in Settings. Should I install the custom firmware? So I can play borrowed games? Or install the menuhax.

The Zelda hack doesn’t work anymore. Formatted SD card. Let’s try again. Says “An error has occurred. Please save your data in any software currently in use, and then restart the system.”.

Formatting the 2DS again. Maybe that’ll fix it. Funny downgrade, and now the homebrew doesn’t work. Do you need internet for it to work?

Just realized why it doesn’t work. Need a different save file. Not running the latest firmware anymore.

Well that sucks, don’t get an error anymore. Just exits. Downloaded the ropbin from here. Scroll down, select firmware, then click Download ropbin. Nope still doesn’t work.

How long does it take browserhax to work? Yell screen on the bottom, and a loading thing on top. It was frozen.

I’m an idiot, and used the save file for the New 3DS. Of course that isn’t going to work. Yup it works now.

The menuhax works now too. Looks like I can restore my actual save file to the game now.