2DS isn't slow

Fast enough for me. I think I’ll pre order the Hyrule game anyways. Even though they say it doesn’t run very good on the old 3DS. It would say New 3DS on it if it isn’t playable. Might be a little choppy or something, but as long as I can slowly play it, I don’t care.

Just pre ordered Hyrule Warriors: Legends – Nintendo 3DS on Amazon, around 34 bucks. If you have prime, you get that price. I should get it on Friday.

I spent over half of my gift card money. I can still cancel the pre order though.

Might of been a bad idea to pre order the game. I might end up buying the New 3DS. If I want to play the game, and the 2DS isn’t going to cut it. Need to wait for Nintendo’s next console before giving them any money.