How to kill Ubuntu and fix it

If you have two SSDs in a RAID 0, and one is in an enclosure. Put the drive in the enclosure into an Insignia enclosure, then plug it in and attempt to boot Ubuntu. You’ll get I/O errors, then you’ll force it off.

After you put it back in the old/working enclosure, you’ll find it just says loading, but sits there for a long time without booting.

Fixing it is easy, you should have a USB drive with Ubuntu on it. Boot from that, install mdadm “sudo apt-get install mdadm”, then assemble the RAID “sudo mdadm –assemble /dev/md0”. Then you just need to run fsck on the drive “fsck /dev/md0p1 -y”, I don’t remember the exact name for the partition on md0, you can get it by running “sudo fdisk -l”. No I’m not typing this on NUC.

After running fsck, you can reboot, and it should boot now. I won’t buy any Insignia products now, well not computer stuff, like USB 3.0 cards, enclosures. Could be the USB on the NUC. My other Insignia enclosure worked fine, until it fell over and the drive in it died. The enclosure might still work, never bought a new drive. That’s a 3.5 enclosure though.

Why the fuck is USB 3.0 so damn picky? The card either sucks, or the enclosure does. I don’t remember having any problems with USB 2.0, but all motherboards have working USB 2.0 on them.