OpenWrt read only?

That happens if you reboot it by unplugging the router. I did fsck on it, and tried rebooting, but it wasn’t turning back on or something. So I took the micro SD card out of my Banana Pi R1, and put it in my card reader, and ran fsck on it again from Ubuntu. It works again. Why it won’t automount the drive I told it to use as the /overlay, I have no idea.

I lied, it still can’t write. I have a new micro SD card coming. Maybe AmazonBasics micro SD cards are no good. Can’t change any router settings until I get the new card. Or I could try starting over.

Remounting doesn’t work.

Sweet, downloading a backup works, it must put it in memory. So I can redo the SD card later. And then restore the backup.

And the wifi isn’t working. One of them might not be connected, the adapter. I was having a hard time getting it on. The RX Rate is 2.0 Mbit/s. Well the TX Rate dropped to 2. And it might be working now. Maybe somebody was trying to hijack my phone.