How to make money from your site

Depending on what you post on your site ads might be useless. If there’s anything about tech, then you know your visitors will be using ad blockers.

So get rid of your ads, as that won’t provide an income.

You’ll need to force your visitors to pay to read anything on your site. That can easily be done with PayPal. You can manually make them an account, or have it automated. If they dispute the charge, you can refund them, and delete their account.

You could block those using ad blockers, but you might as well block everyone if you do that. As they can use a proxy, so you’ll end up with a huge block list.

According to Awstats, this site has had 49 visits, it went down after switching to Ruby on Rails. According to Google AdSense, the ads have been viewed 18 times. As you can see almost all visitors block ads. Either they are all bots, or people that like blocking ads.

How do sites detect if you are using an ad blocker? By JavaScript? If so, all you have to do is disable JavaScript. But you can make your site not function without JavaScript. If you plan on blocking ad block users, redirect them to a porn site. I’d recommend ashemaletube, I think that’s what it’s called.

You’d have better luck finding a sugar mamma and/or sugar daddy then making money on your site.