2 pin JST power adapter

The easiest solution is to buy a Barrel Jack to 2-pin JST and then a Wall Adapter Power Supply – 5V DC 2A (Barrel Jack) or Barrel Jack Adapter – USB to 5.5mm. The user manual for the Banana Pi R1 doesn’t say what voltage the battery connector supports, and 2A might be to much, so you could get the USB adapter, and plug it into a lower amp USB power adapter, or a USB hub.

I’m to paranoid to try it, somebody on the Banana Pi forum said it runs better with a battery. You might fry it if you use a AC adapter. I’m to lazy to be charging a battery all the time. But tinyonestore.com has a triple A battery adapter. You could put rechargable batteries in it. How long will they last?

Kind of useless for the Banana Pi R1, it has two micro USB ports. Guess if you want three power sources you can do that.