Banana Pi M3 – BPI-M3

Would that be overkill for a router? Doesn’t have a bunch of ethernet jacks like the one meant to be a router, but it has a Octa core processor.

Make it a OpenVPN modem. No USB 3.0 though, so you won’t get gigabit for one of the connections. My internet isn’t faster then 100 Mbps anyways. I’ll just get the router, it comes with a case and some other stuff.

Or buy both, use the M3 as a OpenVPN modem, and use the router as a router. I’ll see how well the router works. I’d rather have two routers then the M3, well three if you count the router I have, or four if you count my old router. I like that you don’t have to use a USB adapter for ethernet on the one that is meant to be a router.