Banana Pi BPI-R1 Open Source Router Kit

I was reading a post on, and found out about the Banana Pi. Looks like they make a router board, the whole kit is $102. I have an old SSD I can use with it, actually more then one. Screw a tablet, I should get that router board instead. Put OpenWRT on it.

You can buy the kit on They take PayPal, so I trust them. There’s three different Banana Pi sites. Cheaper then a tablet.

The Wifi is probably only 2.4 GHz. Ahh well, nothing is on my 5 GHz wifi anyways. My phone only does 2.4 GHz.

The ODROID-XU4 is better, it has USB 3.0. But I don’t need USB on a router. And the ODROID-XU4 doesn’t have as many ethernet jacks. You could get a switch, and a USB 3.0 adapter.

The SATA might have issues on the Banana Pi. It has a micro SD card slot though. Those are pretty cheap, don’t need a very big one for OpenWRT.

Don’t think I’ll get it. Based on a review on Amazon, you have to download a OpenWRT version from their forum. But 5 GHz wifi doesn’t work. Hasn’t been updated for months. The OpenWRT images they provide all have problems. The latest version was from this year though. Does OpenWRT provide official images for it? Looks like the image on their forum is a newer image. Not sure if it’s based on the latest.

Yup, I’ll order it next month. There’s a newer OpenWRT for it here.