New router works

My Banana Pi R1 works. It has two micro USB connections, I had it plugged into the second one. Don’t know if it’ll boot from the hard drive, I think I tried both. Now I just need to setup OpenVPN and see if it’s faster then my old router. I’ll blow the dust out of it if I notice any dust on it.

Didn’t really need new ethernet cables, they might come tomorrow though.

Banana Pi R1 red light

Doesn’t appear to boot from a SATA disk. I took the micro SD card out of my tablet, and am writing OpenWrt to it. Sucks it can’t boot from SATA. I broke parts of the case when assembling it, I got the kit from Put some of the parts in the wrong spot. One screw won’t go in either. It’ll have two sides open and possibly the front, might have to unscrew it to get the front off. At least it’ll have a top and bottom.

That’s what happens when an idiot tries to assemble a ARM based router. It came with no instructions. I had to look at the pictures on to figure out how to attach the board.

Instead of unscrewing the top, I broke a piece of the front off. Should have room to put the micro SD card in now. Good thing I didn’t buy the kit for the case. Well sort of.

The micro SD cards write at a whooping 3 MB/s.

What does no light mean? Guess I should plug something into it. Don’t see any wifi routers on my phone.

Banana Pi M3 – BPI-M3

Would that be overkill for a router? Doesn’t have a bunch of ethernet jacks like the one meant to be a router, but it has a Octa core processor.

Make it a OpenVPN modem. No USB 3.0 though, so you won’t get gigabit for one of the connections. My internet isn’t faster then 100 Mbps anyways. I’ll just get the router, it comes with a case and some other stuff.

Or buy both, use the M3 as a OpenVPN modem, and use the router as a router. I’ll see how well the router works. I’d rather have two routers then the M3, well three if you count the router I have, or four if you count my old router. I like that you don’t have to use a USB adapter for ethernet on the one that is meant to be a router.

IPFire is what I was thinking of

Don’t think I’ve ever used pfSense. There’s an ARM version of IPFire, probably won’t work on the Banana Pi though.

It might work if you are smart enough, you might need the ARM serial console version. Doesn’t sound like HDMI works.

Damn no pfSense for the Banana Pi router

Not on their download page. Guess OpenWrt will have to do then. To cheap to build a power hungry AMD computer. And it wouldn’t fit on my desk as well as the Banana Pi.

In 2014 somebody tried running pfSense in linux using qemu. Looks like a pain, why not support ARM?

You can get FreeBSD 11 for ARM.

Intel NUC could probably run Ubuntu and pfSense at the same time. But I’d have to find my USB 3.0 gigabit ethernet adapter. And I’d need a USB 3.0 hub. That is if I want to use my card reader.

AnkerĀ® 3-Port USB 3.0 HUB with 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet Converter (3 USB 3.0 Ports, A RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet Port, Support Windows XP, Vista, Win7/8 (32/64 bit), Mac OS 10.6 and above, Linux) would do the trick, I think I paid more for the gigabit USB 3.0 adapter I have. Yup 38 bucks.

Banana Pi router is cheaper then assembling a DD-WRT PC router

Both AMD and Intel will cost more then $102. You might be able to get a really cheap AMD CPU and motherboard for a hundred bucks. So it might work, if you already have parts. Don’t have an extra case, so that wouldn’t work very well. Don’t have an extra power supply either. You might be able to get a really shitty case & power supply for thirty bucks. Don’t be mad when the power supply dies, and you have to buy a new one. If you are lucky, it’ll just die and not destroy anything.

Banana Pi BPI-R1 Open Source Router Kit

I was reading a post on, and found out about the Banana Pi. Looks like they make a router board, the whole kit is $102. I have an old SSD I can use with it, actually more then one. Screw a tablet, I should get that router board instead. Put OpenWRT on it.

You can buy the kit on They take PayPal, so I trust them. There’s three different Banana Pi sites. Cheaper then a tablet.

The Wifi is probably only 2.4 GHz. Ahh well, nothing is on my 5 GHz wifi anyways. My phone only does 2.4 GHz.

The ODROID-XU4 is better, it has USB 3.0. But I don’t need USB on a router. And the ODROID-XU4 doesn’t have as many ethernet jacks. You could get a switch, and a USB 3.0 adapter.

The SATA might have issues on the Banana Pi. It has a micro SD card slot though. Those are pretty cheap, don’t need a very big one for OpenWRT.

Don’t think I’ll get it. Based on a review on Amazon, you have to download a OpenWRT version from their forum. But 5 GHz wifi doesn’t work. Hasn’t been updated for months. The OpenWRT images they provide all have problems. The latest version was from this year though. Does OpenWRT provide official images for it? Looks like the image on their forum is a newer image. Not sure if it’s based on the latest.

Yup, I’ll order it next month. There’s a newer OpenWRT for it here.

Goodbye hackintosh

My Intel NUC won’t be a hackintosh anymore. I will be putting Ubuntu on it. OS X is to much of a pain on PCs. I’m not going to spend all my time trying to make something work that isn’t suppose to.

If Apple ever releases OS X for PCs, I might consider putting OS X on it. Probably not though, my Neat Image license is for the linux version only. Get another NUC, give the new one to linux, and the old one to OS X. You know Apple won’t release OS X for PCs. If they do it’ll cost more then Windows.