Think I'll assume the games on my Seagate drive are corrupted

The power went out while I was playing a game, so I’ll assume that caused corruption on my external drive for my Wii. Going to plug it into desktop and re copy everything. Then eventually I’ll see if it still freezes.

Might not be the problem. Mario Sports Mix still says the md5sum is wrong, and now it says Punch Out is wrong too.

I was right, Mario Sports Mix works now.

And Punch Out is stuck on loading now. I’ll try deleting the save file.

Formatting the drive, and will re copy everything.

Good thing it’s almost payday. I’ll be buying another UPS and a surge protector. The UPS will be for my desktop, and my old one will be for the Wii and PS4. I plug my UPSes into a surge protector, the only thing plugged into the surge protector is the UPS. Except for the one for my desktop, one hard drive is plugged into the surge protector too.

And according to Wii Backup Manager, the md5sum is still wrong for Punch Out.

Either my drive isn’t compatible, or it’s damaged from the power outage. I did drop it while it was plugged into my desktop too. I did do a test on the drive using Seagate Dashboard, said it was fine. Punch Out was working, then I tried doing exhibition and it never started. Just kept scrolling through the stats of the person I selected.

Should probably wipe the drive and send it back to Amazon if I can. Just burn discs instead.

My USB 3.0 on my desktop could be incompatible with the drive, so everything I copy is corrupted. I’ll try re copying everything from USB 2.0. Got to love USB 3.0.

Could also be my USB 3.0 hub. Should probably replace the hub and the PCI Express USB 3.0 card.

Punch Out has a good md5sum now. Got to love my computer’s USB 3.0. The built in didn’t work with linux, never tried it with Windows, stuff would disconnect. I’ve always had problems with USB 3.0.

Looks like copying by USB 2.0 to the drive fixed it. I have a new USB 3.0 card coming, maybe it’ll work correctly with it. When I get it, I’ll copy a game, and verify it to see if it’s corrupted or not. Could just be the USB 3.0 of the drive, but it’s not the first USB 3.0 thing that has been corrupted. I have a Lexar USB 3.0 flash drive, and it doesn’t work very well with my USB 3.0.