Maybe my Seagate external drive isn't compatible with the Wii

Two games made the Wii freeze so far. The tutorial in Punch Out made it freeze. Mario Sports Mix also freezes, when you learn how to play basketball, once you get to the jumping and blocking. I tried two times, and it froze at the same spot both times.

Maybe I should burn them to a disc, and see if they freeze.

Downloading the Seagate Dashboard software. See if I can disable the sleeping. Maybe it’s going to sleep and causing it to freeze. It’s already set to never power off.

I updated to 4.3 using Multi Mod Manager. Games still freeze. I’m just going to assume they are bad copies.

According to Wii Backup Manager, the SHA1 is correct on the ISO, but the actual image on the drive isn’t right, but I checked some working games, and they aren’t good either. I’ll recopy Punch Out and try playing it tomorrow. Don’t care about the sports game. Says the MD5 is right on the external drive now. Wonder if I should recopy all my games. Maybe if they start freezing. I won’t know if Punch Out works until tomorrow. Going to bed. Checking the SHA1 takes to long, only did that on the ISOs, because it’s the only option.