Do I need the firmware on my micro SD card?

My 2DS flashcard that plays borrowed DS games just gets a black screen. Finally got it in the slot without having to hold it down. In the 2DS menu, it says something in Chinese, when I try to play it, shows a white screen for a second, then a black screen.

Either need the firmware, or it doesn’t like my Samsung micro SD card.

Yup it works now with the firmware. Just download the old WOOD firmware from Extract the RAR, and copy the files to the root of your micro SD card.

DS games don’t use the whole screen.

Don’t order from

They will require a signature, so if you live in a secure apartment building, they won’t be able to deliver it. The form they leave in your mailbox, won’t say it’s at the post office or when it can be picked up. So good luck obtaining your package.

I could probably get my money back, open a PayPal dispute and say the flashcard wasn’t delivered. If you don’t get your money back, they will get banned. Cause PayPal doesn’t allow you to sell flashcards with their service. You might get banned too, for buying a flashcard using PayPal.

And mom called them, won’t be at the post office until 5 pm. Fail to deliver it and then make me wait until tomorrow, because they refuse to deliver to the office.

No DS playing flashcard for me

Looks like only UPS delivers to the office. Not sure if USPS even went to my apartment, they might of just left a note in my mailbox, seeing as it’s a secure building. They might be to stupid to go to the office. Not sure why they couldn’t deliver it to the office. I have no way of going to the post office until they are closed. So that means in 15 days, it’ll be sent back to Hong Kong. Maybe in a month or two I’ll get my $16.50 back.

If they did come to my apartment, I was walking the dog.

Grandpa will only give me a ride if I check if my package is at the post office. There’s no way to do that on their site. I’m not going to call them and spend 20+ minutes on the phone repeating the same number or whatever over and over again until they can understand me. Not worth $16.50. Lesson learned, don’t ship anything to an apartment. And don’t order from shitty sites in Hong Kong. might be a scam

Either a scam or super slow shipping. They gave me a tracking number, but it’s useless, says it won’t be scanned until it is delivered. Looks like it requires a signature too, so they will have to deliver it to the office.

Hyrule Warriors is coming to the 3DS?

Never heard about the game until I read it might be coming to the 3DS. Hopefully it’ll work on the 2DS. Looks like a Zelda game basically.

Can’t watch the Japanese trailer on YouTube, it’s a private video.

Just order from ModChipsDirect

I think they have SSL for the order form, so nobody can get your debit or credit card info as easily.

If you order from, make sure you email them and ask to pay by PayPal. Also it’ll come from Hong Kong. ModChipsDirect comes from the US.

If ModChipsDirect takes mastercard, you can pay with your PayPal debit card. Just put some money in your PayPal account. Also make it so your PayPal debit card only uses the funds in your account, then if thieves get your debit card info, they won’t be able to buy anything.

You don’t need a flashcard to play borrowed 3DS games?

Gateway 3DS 3.0 ULTRA exploit WITHOUT GW POSSIBLE!!!

Found that on Google. There’s a way to run other region games on a different region 3DS. So you could buy non US games and play them. Don’t know if it still works though. I’d have to turn wifi back on to do it.

You’ll need to downgrade your firmware if you want to play games. You can backup your games and save files without downgrading the firmware.

If you go to the last page, it’s been patched.

Need to disable wifi on my 2DS

I may of bought a device that’ll let me play “borrowed” DS games. Not 3DS games, to do that you have to pay more then the games.

Deleted my wifi settings, no more internet for 2DS. If I buy any future 3DS games, will they work without the internet? They should.


That micro SD card I just got today might come in handy.