Guess I'll fix my hackintosh

Need to find the piece of paper with my wifi password, or print it out again. Ethernet doesn't work in the recovery mode, probably not from the installer either. Want to see if it'll find my time machine backup, probably not.

Nope didn't find the backup. Couldn't reinstall using recovery mode, got some error message. Booted from my thumb drive, it'll take 17 minutes to reinstall. No way I'm going to sit here doing nothing, so I unplugged my keyboard and mouse from the hackintosh and plugged it back into my desktop.

Should get a mSATA SSD and clone OS X to it. That way if I kill it, the clone might boot. Don't want to mess with my pci express slots on hackintosh, the antenna for the wifi + bluetooth will probably come undone. That is a pain to reconnect. Would be better to get a small external drive to use as my time machine backup, maybe then the recovery thing can restore it.

Sweet, clover is still installed. That means I might only have to restore stuff, and not do all the kext installation crap. Hmmm I already have an account it looks like. Sweet, the install, only reinstalled the stuff that was broken.

Damn magic mouse isn't working. Gets as far to say click continue, doesn't show continue button, and I can't move the mouse, then it goes back to searching. Guess I need a new bluetooth mouse. That sucks. Changed the batteries, maybe that'll help. Nope, the light is still flashing on it, but it won't connect. Well have to use my wired mouse it looks like.

Got it connected, and it looks like it's still jumping around. Did put the old batteries back in. Could see if different batteries work. Don't have to restore anything, just as I left it.

Updating OS X, if it stops working again, I know why.