Don't update OS X on your hackintosh

It won’t boot if you do. Says unable to find driver for this platform.

Got to reinstall again, will my bluetooth mouse and keyboard work in the installer? I don’t want to unplug wired keyboard and mouse from desktop again. The installer is booting, it’s the default option if you plug the thumb drive into one of the back USB ports.

Looks like the installer doesn’t do bluetooth.

Might have something to do with the mac my hackintosh is pretending to be. I changed it from what the guide had it set as.

Looks like the 10.10.2 update works for other hackintosh users. Nothing in the guide post about 10.10.2. Wait, post says iMessage works in 10.10.2. So it’s just my hackintosh that doesn’t like the latest version.

Now my keyboard won’t connect. Looks like my bluetooth sucks.

Replaced my config.plist with the one from the zip file. Now it’s a Macbook Air again. If updating doesn’t work this time, then I don’t know how people are updating. My keyboard is messed up too now. It’ll show the volume thing when typing.