I give up

Can’t tune my guitar with Rocksmith. It just keeps saying not to hit the other strings, and then it says to tighten it. If I keep tightening it, I’ll break the string. I think my guitar is broken. I did loosen it, and eventually it said to loosen it more. Going to get lots of complaints if I keep doing the beginning of Rocksmith. You have to strum the strings really loud to calibrate it. I couldn’t tune this guitar with my computer either. Jason tuned it with the thing I bought. Should of left it how it was and canceled the tuning.

I could also be an idiot and hitting the other strings. Wouldn’t surprise me.

Can get a new guitar for 200 bucks at Guitar Center. 100 bucks for a crappy kit on Amazon.

Not sure Rocksmith will work with an out of tune guitar.